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My name is Samir Ben Tabib, I started Kosmos Recruitment Agency back in 2018 with a burning desire to develop a recruitment agency that not only values the companies that hire but also the graduates who are hired. I therefore started offering consulting services in HR and personnel solutions. Since then, it has gained momentum, but the cornerstones of the company are still the same. The cosmos delivers through care, personality and professionalism. Our concept is simple and thoroughly tested, yet, we are repeatedly confirmed by our customers and candidates that we do something different - and that is why they remain in the collaboration. Our unique customer service makes a huge difference to our partners, and we take pride in treating companies and graduates with dignity. The key words with us are business understanding, industry insight and people. You will be assigned a permanent partner who will lead the dialogue with you and hold your task close at hand. Our mission is to be the best partner. Both in the process and in results. Our organization is flat, which gives you one entrance to all services and an efficient and personal setup. Once we have identified your challenges and needs, we are quick to get from land and to destinations. If we know your company, the better we can give you constructive sparring. What you need is not necessarily the same as what you think you need. Through close contact with you, we can invite you with questions, recommendations and inspiration that can contribute to development in your company and for the individual. When we have to select and evaluate candidates, it is also one and the same consultant who leads all interviews and tests. The close personal contact with everyone in the process creates a high success rate in the end.

With you all the way

We are characterized by the fact that we go all the way for our partners, and make our work implemented correctly and create optimal value for you.

Quality in the front

The individual consultants have specialized knowledge and experience in various industry areas, based on high professionalism with many years of experience.

Experienced consultants

Strategic recruitment is a targeted method to ensure your company direct access to relevant profiles based on the company’s situation.

Strategic process

Our team has many years of experience and industry insight which is carefully selected to prepare the best possible strategic process for your project.

Meet your future partners


Samir Ben Tabib

My name is Samir Tabib. I am the founder and owner of Kosmos Recruitment Agency, and have been in the business for the past 8 years. Kosmos' mission is to be the absolute best partner, both in service - but also when it comes to results.
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Tabib Ben Tabib


Per Juul Ulrich


Mudi Meng

Head of junior consulants

Donats Ronis

Head of baltic staff

Tristan Schuppenhauer


Liva Dahl Hansen


Camilla E. S. Nørregaard

PR & communication
Hello. My name is Camilla. I am responsible for communication & PR at Kosmos. If you have any questions about these things, please feel free to contact me.
BA in Danish
Cand.mag. in Language Psychology


BA i Dansk
Cand.mag. i Sprogpsykologi



Thomas Andres Larsen


Emil Baunehøj

Hi, my name is Pia, I am the coordinator for the social area at Kosmos as a person, I am very concerned that the residents of the respective residences and institutions thrive, which reflects my 36 years of experience from living and neighborhood in south lolland.




Chaos and Cosmos are two opposite states, where chaos denotes disorder and cosmos denotes order. We all balance in a way on a knife edge between the two states through life, where the goal is to maintain order (cosmos) in life. We have transferred this idea to the labor market, where companies may at times lack manpower, and thus experience a form of chaos, and where they lack help to restore order. We have therefore chosen to call ourselves Kosmos (Recruitment Agency). The name simply means that we can offer our partners to help restore order. This means that we e.g. can step in and help them find the manpower they should be lacking so that they can continue to run their business and solve the work tasks they have ahead of them. Our goal is to help companies restore balance in those situations where dropout / lack of manpower has a negative impact on their ability to solve their work tasks. Our corporate policies are also based on the cosmos, as the term simultaneously embraces our values of: orderliness, hard work, reliability and care. Orderliness is our mainstay in daily operations. Our service does not just involve delivery on time, or compliance with various deadlines. It also means that we are always foresighted in our work. It is crucial that we follow the development of the labor market closely, so that we can plan how we can best solve our tasks based on the time we are in. Although we can not predict the future, we can still assess what scenarios there are. probable, thus preparing us as best as possible for the handling of the events that occur - even when they do not go as expected. After each solved task, we have gained more experience, and with that experience in the backpack, we are now masters at planning events. And that makes us specialists in finding the best candidates for just your company! Care for us is about our work always being carefully done. This means that we do not make hasty decisions and that we would rather be confident in our case before we complete a task. Kosmos always makes sure to make a plan for how a task is best solved, and we prioritize that things happen as planned, as mistakes typically occur when hasty decisions are made, without regard to the big picture.


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