Kosmos offers you an easier way to find labor

With our recruitment process, you are guaranteed that your needs and criteria are met and put in focus, in the search for the right employee for your company.

Uncovering your criteria

We provide an in-depth analysis to uncover your needs.

Reference retrieval

We obtain references for a wide selection of candidates that match the assignment.

Ads on platforms

We handle advertising via a wide network of various channels and platforms.


We review all serious inquiries and highlight the best aspects.

1st and 2nd interview

We execute resp. 1st and 2nd interview with the selected candidates for the assignment.

Rejection and employment

We handle ongoing rejections and appointments once the right candidate has been found.

Get help hiring the right candidates

Recruiting or headhunting the right candidate is a time-consuming process, and it requires that you have a good knowledge of, and insight into, the modern labor market. At the same time, companies can quickly burn money off by incorrectly recruiting, and therefore more and more recruitment agencies, such as Kosmos, are taking over the hiring process of companies looking for new employees. Kosmos are specialists in recruitment and headhunting, and we offer you the opportunity to spend your valuable time wisely. If you do not have experience with recruitment, then you can quickly spend a lot of unnecessary resources on finding and hiring new people. It's not just about finding the right qualifications, but about finding a candidate who fits in with your company - both in terms of skills and personality.

Kosmos already knows your new employee

We work on the basis of a recruitment model with 10 steps, where we analyze the candidates based on your criteria. This ensures that the candidate is suitable for the job, but also for your company.

Let's find your substitute

We offer temporary positions regardless of the reason and length of work period, and our agreements are always tailored to your specific needs. If you want new or supplementary competencies, more flexibility in your staff or help during holidays, illness, holidays, etc., we will work together to find the solution that works best for you. In order to be able to tailor the perfect agreement to the specific needs of your company, we will, by agreement, send one of our consultants out to you, as the first step is to find out which solution best meets your needs. Your criteria are noted in our system, and you will then receive a confirmation of the agreement by email. Once the agreement has been signed, our consultants will immediately start finding the best temp for you.

An easy way to enjoy the search process

We believe that it should be easy to find flexible labor. We know that your time is valuable and that the search for new employees must therefore be worth your time. The cosmos makes it easier for you to find the right workforce so you do not waste time and money on solutions that do not work. The goal for us is to make your search for temps as easy and comfortable as possible, so you can return more quickly to what you are passionate about. Let’s take over the process, and remove the stress that is about sitting with it ourselves. In this way, you can safely enjoy that the task is solved by specialists within the industry.


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